april 30th, 2019
1:30 pm EST

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Join my one hour live masterclass and learn exactly how to pay for the things you actually dream of owning (ahem, beach vacation, new car, debt-free lifestyle), pay yourself a steady paycheck (even with fluctuating business income), spend your money on things you actually care about, and spend without fear of running out or "doing it wrong"!

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I know you're working so hard to build a business that actually puts money in your pocket so it’s about time we start dreaming about what to do with that money we’ve worked so hard for! Who's excited? I'm excited! 🙋

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Tuesday, April 30th

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1:30 pm EST

You’ve been taught how to make money, but you're not sure how to manage it well once it hits your personal bank account.
Sound familiar?

You’ve felt guilty in the Target checkout line wondering “is it ok if I buy this?”

You launched your business and are finally seeing real income from it but have no idea how to take a steady paycheck and are afraid to pull the trigger and transfer money to your personal bank account. 

There’s a somewhat quiet but nagging voice in the back of your mind saying you should be : saving more, paying off debt, spending less.

You wonder if you’ll ever be able to quit working for someone other than yourself, buy that dream house, or send your kids to college — can your business really provide a GOOD and consistent living? 

Learn my secret to building personal wealth

Wealth isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about how you spend the money you make! So while yes, you’ve first got to make it. Let me show you how to spend it well.

Whether you’re longing to quit your full time job and launch your dream business,  send your kids to college, or save for that month in Europe you’ve always wanted to take … it all comes back to spending with intention and telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went!

and how to manage fluctuating paychecks as a business owner.

Put your money where you want it to go! From one business owner to another, traditional budgeting never worked for me! And let’s face it, it’s just not fun! Now I look forward to reviewing my finances. I get excited about setting and achieving goals. Managing my money has given me the ability to pursue my big business dreams. 

In this one hour class I’m peeling back the curtain and showing you exactly how I’ve paid myself a steady paycheck since day one of my business, how we paid off all our debt, how we quit living paycheck to paycheck, and how I get to shop at my favorite stores (Serena & Lily I’m looking at you) without guilt!

april 30th, 2019
1:30 pm EST


*Space is limited. Save your seat now!

Former Fortune 100 Financial Advisor turned business consultant. I help business owners just like you make money and then manage it well! I’ve been told I have a knack for making complicated financial strategies simple and empowering former money avoiders to actually get excited about looking at their numbers! It all comes down to this, money isn’t everything but working hard with nothing to show for it, well that just stinks! I want to help you create a money plan you actually want to live by and stop wondering if you’ll ever figure out how to reach your big financial goals!

Hi! I'm Shanna Skidmore,

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Finally I understand how much I need to bring home to cover our expenses , give, and grow a business. 2018 was the first year I was able to pay myself every week without freaking out a bit, because I know exactly how our numbers work. We know what I actually need to make, so when I hit it, I’m done … I don’t have to book clients out of fear that we won’t make ends meet in the business like I did the first few months. You’ve given the Carters our life back!

- Ashlyn Carter, copywriter

Ready to stop living paycheck to paycheck and make progress toward your financial goals?!
Let me show you how!






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BLUEPRINT AT HOME is a 30-day guided financial planning program. Feel in control of your finances and create a spending plan that you actually want to live by.

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